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'Specialists at Vehicle Sourcing'


With over 20 years experience, IVR have built up an immense database specifically designed for sourcing vehicles.

Our customers, either directly or indirectly through their agents, include most of the major motor manufacturers in the world, both for cars and commercial vehicles.


We help with the provision of vehicles for study, research and design development, as well as competitor comparison, product familiarisation, and new product release comparison events.


As well as motor manufacturers, IVR help many companies within the automobile industry with the provision of specific vehicles.  In particular we help tyre manufacturers in the UK, Europe and the Far East, transmission and powertrain design companies, brake system designers and manufacturers.  


We also supply vehicles used for measuring and testing electrical components and other studies such as sound and vibration, metal fatigue and emission calculations.


We provide vehicles for the study, design and comparison of interior equipment, driver and safety aids, seating, ergonomics and radio, DVD, telephone and other equipment.

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